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Oct 05

Facebook sex

Facebook dating has emerged as the unquestioned winner in the online dating segment. Today, facebook sex is the buzzword for anyone wanting to get laid online. The reason for this quite is easy to understand. Facebook dating had emerged as a universal medium of adult dating since it is prevalent across the globe. Facebook allows the users to upload images from their private collection and use it on the go, using any kind of mobile device that has internet connectivity. Further, there are no charges for using these services. Anyone searching for sex online can remain logged on to his/her facebook account and instantly start a conversation with someone who seems like a worthy ‘getting laid prospect’. Unlike the usual dating sites, facebook sex is not discriminatory in any way and doesn’t have prejudices against the sexual preferences of different people. Whether you want to meet hot women online, meet couples or want to explore gay or wifeswapping bedroom fantasies, facebook sex has all the answers for you.


Sep 28

Study of facebook sex

The university of Amsterdam recently conducted a study about facebook sex. 60% of women said they were more likely to indulge in bestiality when on facebook. A staggering 98% of men said they would have sex with any female in their friends list, with or without the aid of protection.

99% of women noted they would gladly have facebook sex with mark zuckerberg as this would bring in the most friends. 51% also stated they would rather have facebook sex than myspace sex.

These figures are quite astonishing when you look at them. Should we be worried? A recent example showed us that 31% of girls under 12 regularly use facebook to prostitute themselves online to sugar daddy’s, often getting candy in exchange for oral sex or handjobs. This kind of sex on facebook is just unacceptable says Geert Wilders, leader of the “stop underage sex” group in Holland. Wilders, tall and authoritative, speaks to us from his mansion in the Netherlands while stroking two 12 year old girls sitting on his lap. He mutters “Go play with facebook my little honeybunney’s” before commencing our interview.